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Welcome to the World of Magic Colt.

This is a site is to provide an outlet for my various interests and activities.

Greetings Rocky Horror Fans!! Welcome to my site. I have been attending the Fishnets and Floorshows screenings since May of this year and have seen a majority of the shows since then. I have taken pictures of the floorshows and of the cast at each show I've been to. The shows have been a lot of fun and with some rather intriguing takes on the characters and costumes. I have posted some of the recent pics on my Flickr account, just click on the link for my collections to view the pics from the Oct 23 and 30 Halloween shows. I'll be adding a Rocky Horror section under my Photo Gallery this week and filling it with some of my best photos from the shows. Please check back as I add to my Rocky Horror collection here and on Flickr. Feel free to check out the rest of my site and my photos from science fiction conventions around the region, burlesque shows, night club events, and many other varied subjects.

New:  (Sat, Oct 17, 2009) In the spirit of Halloween (and to prevent getting my back kicked tonight), I am posting a new pic to my website. It is one of over 200 pics I took last year at Ben and Raymond's Halloween party. I'm busily multitasking trying to get everything ready for tonight's party. Here is a small version, click the pic to see a bigger version.

"The Three Palins" from Halloween 2008

(Mon, Jun 30, 2008) A new Night Club page is added to the Photo Gallery. This page features Madrigall and their "Wet Wednesdays". Click here ( Wet Wednesdays at Madrigall ) to jump to the page and check out the pics.

(Sat, June 28, 2008) I have re-done my Photo Gallery this week. I created a new organization, matched it's look to the home page, added some new pages and several dozen new pictures. Most of the new pictures are under the "Night Clubs" link on the Photo Gallery main page. I am also working on ConQuesT pages. A bunch of ConQuesT 39 masquerade pics have been edited and added to the site. I still need to add them to their page and post the page. This should be done tomorrow.

(Thu, June 5, 2008) I added a new gallery page tonight (err, ok early this morning). The page a couple pictures that I took at an event at the Mosaic, a bar in KC's new Power and Light District. Many more photos will be put up on this page over the next week. This current project shares the same priority as my ConQuesT pics. Look for photos from ConQuesT 39 to be posted on Friday. Now I need to go to sleep so I am half-way functional at work Thur. and Thur. night. Mosaic Gallery page

(Tue, May 20, 2008) ConQuesT has been Spotted: ConQuesT has made a bit of a coup. Through the donations of several club members, we raised enough money to buy an ad run on TV38 The Spot. This wonderful bit of advertising was negotiated by Tim Keltner, ConQuesT's Publicity Staff Member extraordinaire (guys like him help make my job easier). You can catch the 15sec ad running on TV38 KMCI or you can view it here. Tim and I have been making last minute publicity runs. I spent over two hours last night distibuting flyers to various libraries, stores, and theaters. Tim is making another round of Johnson County today. This should help with getting increased at the door memberships. I hope to see you all at ConQuesT this weekend.

(Tue, Apr 29, 2008) ConQuesT today sent out the press release for this year's convention ( ConQuesT 39 press release ). We have quite a spectacular guest line-up this year. Joe R Lansdale is our Guest of Honor, David Lee Anderson is our Artist Guest of Honor, Wm Mark Simmons is our Toastmaster, the Klingers are our Fan Guest of Honor, and Jeff East and Ellen Muth are our Media Guests. Please check out the press release and the ConQuesT website for more details.

(Sat, Apr 19, 2008) There has been several updates to my site, some of which I never got listed here. ConQuesT has added several new guests and this has been updated on my Convention List page. I also made several other updates to the Convention page (providing updated info/guests, moving past conventions to a seperate table, etc). In the last month or so I updated my Photo Gallery. Photos from last year's Anime St. Louis were added. Photos from this year's Anime St. Louis, Naka-Kon, and Conflation should be added soon.

To find out more about ConQuesT and our new guests, please look at my Convention List or click on the ConQuesT banner above to go the the ConQuesT website.

(Sun, Aug 23, 2007) I just made a couple additions/updates to my Conventions List. I added ICON 32 (Coralville IA), added the date for Naka-Kon, and some tentative ConQuesT room party plans.

(Sun, Aug 19, 2007) I've had a busy summer, working on the KaCSFFS/Vince Koehler Film Fest, ConQuesT wrap-up, Heinlein Centennial, even managed to get a short vacation in there. In all that my website didn't get much attention. So I'm trying to fix that now. I'm attempting to do this in small chunks. If I can work on it a little bit every week, I'll slowly catch up. Check out the Gallery page to see the new links and photos.

(Mon, June 4, 2007) I am beginning to recover from ConQuesT. It has been a very hectic week since the convention. I finally had the time to download my photos from my camera. I have 343 photos. I'll be sorting through them, resizing them (we don't want 3008x2000 pixel, 6.1 megapixel images loaded full size!! :-) , and getting them posted. A couple months ago I actually created the blank pages for the CQT38 photo gallery. I'll be adding a few at a time, trying to add some each night this week. I'll start with the masquerade and the room parties. So check back later tonight and throughout the week and this month. I'll be posting my Naka-Kon photos this week as well. They were 90% ready two months ago. I just got so busy that I didn't finish that last 10% and get them posted. They will be up by Friday. I will also be working on getting photos up from other recent conventions starting next week (CostumeCon, ShowMeCon/Anime St. Louis). I have over 1200 photos from CC25 and about 300 from SMC/AnimeStL. So it may take me until the end of June to get the con photos from the last few months up. I'll also be working on getting some non-con photos up too. I'll be posting updates on my blog and "headline" style updates here.

Contraception 18 photos posted!! Please view the gallery to see the photos or jump directly there with this link

DemiCon 17 Pictures   Update: Saturday, Aug. 5: I added pictures from the masquerade. I still need to add the pictures from the room parties, the Dead Dog party, and Saturday/Sunday events. These should be posted soon.

My Blog: I have started a blog. The first entry is about my vacation and my campout on the way home.  You can read about it here.