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Monday, August 07, 2006

My Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn Day

Greetings everyone. One of the things that I thought that I would want to put on my web site was a personal blog. Just a journal of things that I thought would be interesting and wouldn't mind sharing with the world. Thus my first entry here.

Ok, so why is this entry entitled "My Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn Day"? As I type this I am sitting in my tent camping out on the Mississippi River. (I love spell check; I wouldn't have gotten that right without it). Yeap, I am camping out on the river like Twain's characters. Or at least close. I'm in a campground along the river bank on the Illinois side; not floating down or on an island like Tom and Huck. It's a small Army Corps of Engineers facility called Fisherman's Corner in Hampton, Il in the "Quad Cities" (Moline/Rock Island/Davenport) area. It is the tail end of my vacation and I'm on my way back home. I wanted to do some camping on the trip so I'm taking the opportunity on my return leg's overnight. I got here about 8pm tonight, just as the sun was beginning to set. I just had enough time to make a pass through the grounds looking over the sites, get registered, and set up the tent before dark. So I really didn't get a chance yet to check things out yet. Although the campground seems to have a great view of the river. In the morning I'll take the time to enjoy the scenery and take some pictures. I should have some posted shortly in the gallery.

The weather is holding out nice for me. As I drove across I-80 it looked like it was raining off toward the horizon. The weather kiosk at one of the rest areas showed lots of rain across Nebreska and scattered rain across Iowa thinning as it came east. I was concerned that I might have a soggy campout. My last campout (early July) got caught in a short but heavy thunderstorm. As I got closer, the skies cleared. Still partly cloudy, but not of rain. It felt warm and muggy (and I sweated good) as I got things setup and had dinner. Although now things feel quite comfortable. It may have cooled/dried off but maybe I just got used to it. It is just past 11pm now. I think I'll end this now before getting too late and while I still have plenty of battery power left. My dog has been sleeping the whole time I have been working on this and he is sleeping on my pillow :-) I think he has the right idea.  Good night all.